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William HUDSON was born in probably early 18th century in probably Co. Kerry. He died about 1771 in probably Bunagara, Listowel, Co. Kerry. William married Catherine 'UNKNOWN'.

William was from Bunagara (also spelled Bunagarha), just east of Listowel, Co. Kerry. His family, who were Protestant, were related to my Hudson family, who were Catholic - apparently resulting from the conversion to Catholicism by my great-great-great-grandfather Richard Hudson upon his marriage to a Catholic. It is possible that William was Richard's father. Marriage between a Catholic and Protestant in the Ireland of the day would have been unusual and would usually have been met with disapproval from both families. However, relations between Richard's Catholic family and their Protestant cousins were apparently amicable.

The following information, kindly provided by Hudson descendant and researcher Tom Moloney, gives us the history of the land ownership of William and his descendants:

William leased a considerable amount of land in Kilbaha, Newtownsandes (now Moyvane), Co. Kerry from William Talbot (of Mount Talbot, Co. Roscommon) and the Sandes family. On 20 April 1771, he assigned the Kilbaha land to his son Edmund, who seems to have also gone by the name Edward.

The names on the original Bunagara lease, dated 1 August 1758, were William Hudson (i.e., William above) and his son Edmund/Edward. The townland of Bunagara was entirely owned by the Paul family, whose estates were located mainly in Co. Carlow, and manuscript volumes in the National Library of Ireland relating to the Paul estates tell us the Bunagara land was let to the following in about 1776:

1. Samuel Raymond paid a rent of £50 for 114 acres.
2. Richard Hudson (a son of William?) paid £37 for 221 acres.
3. John James paid £43.17s for the 145 acres known as Ross Temple.

The total number of acres is therefore 483. These are actually plantation or Irish acres. To convert to statute acres we need to multiply by about 1.61. This gives a total of 357 statute acres for Richard Hudson. The total area for the townland is 782 statute acres. If you look at Griffiths Valuation you will see that this is about 50 acres short of the total area for Bunagarha (833 acres). Researcher Tom Moloney has read that in earlier times waste land was sometimes left off when surveying land and he believes the figures for the three plots above are a reasonable approximation of what each person had at the time. Tom Moloney notes that even though the Hudson plot was the largest in Bunagara, their rent was the lowest. It is reasonable to suggest, therefore, that the quality of their land was the poorest. Some of Bunagarha is still effectively bog and was probably even more so back in Richard Hudson's day. In fact in 1777 Richard was given a £9 reduction in rent for having drained the woods.  

According to the late Bill Hudson, another Hudson researcher, whose volumes may be viewed in Tralee and Listowel libraries, Richard was a son of Edmund, but it seems to me he was more likely to have been a son of William. Bill also says that William may have had a son who was also named William: "Probably a William Hudson (not certain) who was reported to have married a housemaid." Bill goes on to say that this William "may have had at least one daughter who could have been Kate Hudson (1848-1888) who settled in Philadelphia." However, this could not be the case as William, i.e., son of William above, was probably born in the mid-18th century and therefore could not have been Kate's father.

Bill's volumes also tell us that by 1960 the Bunagara land leased by William from the Paul family mentioned above was in the ownership of Patrick Behan, Eugene O'Sullivan and Mick O'Sullivan. However, it is thought that these three farms amounted to only about 50 acres, so they would have been just a fraction of the total amount of land leased from the Paul family.   

From my own research I see there was another Hudson family who lived in Bunagara, who may have been connected to the family of William above. Edward Hudson and Mary Gallivan/Galvin had at least six children: Ellen (born in 1821), William (1832), Elizabeth (1835), Mortimer (1838), Catherine (1841) and John (1846). Although we do not know if Edward was born into the Protestant faith, we do know that his children were baptised into the Catholic church. At the time of Ellen's birth, the family was living in Bunagara but it appears they subsequently moved to Warren/Warrin in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry. It is possible that Edward was a brother of my great-great-great-grandfather Richard Hudson.

!Finally, a note on the Hudson surname in Ireland: it is most numerous in Dublin and East Leinster. It is an English name  meaning "son of Hudd", " Hudd" being a pet form of Hugh or Richard. According to Bill Hudson our Hudson family came to Kerry from England in the 16th century with Sir Edward Denny who had been granted about 6,000 acres in the county.

Catherine 'UNKNOWN' died in probably Bunagara, Listowel, Co. Kerry. Catherine married William HUDSON.

According to the notes of Hudson resercher Bill Hudson, William's wife's name was Catherine.

They had the following children.

  M i
Richard HUDSON (caution: not verified) was born in probably between 1735 and 1740 in probably Bunagara, Listowel, Co. Kerry. He died.

Richard moved from Bunagara to the town of Tipperary sometime before 11 September 1793 as a lease agreement from that date refers to him as being of Tipperary town and shows his Bunagara lands being assigned to David Dillane, Timothy Finucane and John Finucane, all of Bunagara.

Unfortunately we have been unable to find any trace of Richard in Tipperary after this date, although a baptism record has been found for a Mary Hudson who was baptised at Newport, Co. Tipperary on 14 July 1797. Her parents were Richard Hudson (spelled Hutson in the registry) and Elizabeth [what looks like] Jones. However, this is a Catholic baptism and is probably not connected to our Richard.

Please note we are only assuming Richard was a son of William and brother of Edward and another brother who may have been named William. We can safely say, however, Richard was related to the Hudsons of Bunagara based on the content of the 1793 deed.
  M ii Edward HUDSON was born in 1744. He died in Jun 1825.
  M iii William? HUDSON (caution: not verified) was born in abt 1750s.

James TIDMARSH was born about 1790. He died on 10 May 1831. He was buried in probably White Church Cemetery, Milltown, Co. Kerry. James married Margaret HUDSON on 10 Aug 1822.

James, who is believed to have lived in Ballymullen, Tralee, Co. Kerry, was a cloth merchant.

Margaret HUDSON [Parents] was born about 7 Oct 1787 in probably Lackabeg, Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry. She was christened on 9 Oct 1787 in Tralee, Co. Kerry. She died in probably after 10 May 1831. Margaret married James TIDMARSH on 10 Aug 1822.

They had the following children.

  M i
John TIDMARSH was born on 29 Dec 1823 in probably Tralee, Co. Kerry. He was christened on 30 Jan 1824 in Tralee, Co. Kerry.
  M ii
Francis TIDMARSH was born in Oct 1826 in Ballymullen, Rathass, Tralee, Co. Kerry. He was christened on 6 Oct 1826 in Tralee, Co. Kerry. He died in probably 30 Dec 1901 in Southampton.

A Francis Tidmarsh, a 24-year-old surveyor who was born in Tralee, Co. Kerry, is listed as a lodger at the home of the Barton family in Drypool, Hull, Yorkshire in the 1851 census of England. It is likely that this is our Francis.

The same Francis Tidmarsh, by now a 54-year-old widower, is listed as a lodger at the home of the Brad family in Southampton in the 1881 census. He was still working as an ordnance surveyor.

By the time of the 1901 Francis appears to have been living with his daughter Rose and son-in-law Charles Wheeler and their five-year-old daughter, Constance, in Southmpton. Charles was an ordnance surveyor while Francis is described as a retired civil servant.

The same Francis died in Southampton on 30 December 1901.
  M iii Edward Hudson TIDMARSH was born about Dec 1830. He died on 2 Jun 1890.
  M iv
James TIDMARSH (caution: not verified) was born about 1832 in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

A Tralee-born James Tidmarsh qualified as a Master Mariner in London in 1857. Was James a son of James Tidmarsh and Margaret Hudson? If so, he would have been born around the time of the death of his father.

William COX died. William married Sarah HUDSON on 29 Aug 1835 in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

William was a merchant from Cork city, according to his marriage settlement.

Sarah HUDSON [Parents] was born about 1790 in probably Lackabeg, Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry. She died on 29 Mar 1848 in Cork. Sarah married William COX on 29 Aug 1835 in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

John S. HICKSON was born about 1806 in Co. Kerry. He died on 1 Sep 1858 in New York. John married Anne HUDSON on 15 Feb 1833 in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

John was described in his death notice in the Kerry Evening Post as "John S. Hickson, Esq. of New York, former merchant".

All the Hicksons in Tralee appear to have been part of the same family so it is likely John was related to Sarah Hickson, wife of his brother-in-law Edward Hudson.

Anne HUDSON [Parents] was born about 1794 in Tralee, Co. Kerry. She died on 15 Jul 1846 in Warren Place, Cork. Anne married John S. HICKSON on 15 Feb 1833 in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

We know Anne was the fourth daughter of William and Honora.

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses were E. Hudson and Robert Hickson.

Darby DOWD was born about 1729. He died in Nov 1805 in Tralee, Co. Kerry. He was buried in Tralee Churchyard.

Darby owned the Abbey Tenement and properties on the Mall and in Lissanearla East, all in the parish of Tralee. He worked as a "nailor", i.e., a person with blacksmithing skills making specialised nails to attach to a horse's shoe. Late in his life he served as parish clerk for the Protestant St. John's Church in Tralee.

According to a piece published in The Kerry Evening Post of 27 March 1909, listing old entries in local parish registers, Darby was buried in November 1805 in "the churchyard of Tralee". Presumably this was the cemetery attached to St. John's Church, Nelson St. (now Ashe St.) in Tralee.

He had the following children.

  F i Honora DOWD was born about 1763. She died in Oct 1825.

Richard Carroll (Carroll) A. HUDSON [Parents] was born on 22 Mar 1889 in Philadelphia. He died on 11 Apr 1924 in Philadelphia. He was buried on 14 Apr 1924 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia. Richard married Mary G. FOLEY on 22 Sep 1912 in Delaware. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:

The 1920 census tells us that Carroll was working at the time as an electrical machinist in a navy yard in Philadelphia. He appears to have been living at that time with his mother and sister, Margaret.

Carroll died of bronchial pneumonia.

Mary G. FOLEY [Parents] was born on 19 Jul 1893 in Philadelphia. She died on 27 Dec 1958 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She was buried on 31 Dec 1958 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Mays Landing, New Jersey. Mary married Richard Carroll (Carroll) A. HUDSON on 22 Sep 1912 in Delaware. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  F i Thelma PANATI was born in 1914. She died.
  M ii Charles PANATI was born on 7 May 1915. He died on 3 Jan 1970.
  M iii
Edward J. HUDSON was born on 8 Sep 1916 in Philadelphia. He died on 26 Sep 1916 in Philadelphia. He was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, Pennsylvania.

Edward died just 17 days after birth of "lobar pneumonia".

Thomas (Tom) LYONS [Parents] was born on 18 May 1907 in Derry, Listowel, Co. Kerry. He died on 4 Mar 2009 in Derry, Listowel, Co. Kerry. He was buried in Listowel Cemetery, Co. Kerry. Thomas married Johanna (Josie) WALLACE in 1941.

Tom, who ran the family farm in Derry, was over 100 years of age when he died.

Johanna (Josie) WALLACE [Parents] was born in Ballyguiltenan, Glin, Co. Limerick. She died on 30 Nov 2004. She was buried in Listowel Cemetery, Co. Kerry. Johanna married Thomas (Tom) LYONS in 1941.

They had the following children.

  M i
Daniel (Dan) LYONS was born about 1942. He died on 18 Jan 1979 in Cork. He was buried in Listowel Cemetery, Co. Kerry.

Dan was only 36 years of age when he died.

  F ii Maureen LYONS died on 27 Jul 1990.
  M iii Living.
  M iv Living.
  M v Living.

'unknown' HEANEY died. 'unknown' married Margaret (Madge) LYONS.

Margaret (Madge) LYONS [Parents] was born in 1911 in Derry, Listowel, Co. Kerry. She died. Margaret married 'unknown' HEANEY.

Madge lived in Long Island, New York.

Patrick SHANAHAN died. Patrick married Catherine 'UNKNOWN'.

Catherine 'UNKNOWN' died on 27 Dec 1960 in Gortdromagowna, Knockanure, Co. Kerry. She was buried in Murhur Cemetery, Moyvane, Co. Kerry. Catherine married Patrick SHANAHAN.

Catherine died at the home of her daughter Maggie.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary SHANAHAN was born about 1915. She died in 2000.
  F ii Margaret (Maggie) SHANAHAN died.

Jeremiah (Jer) O'CARROLL died. Jeremiah married Margaret LYNCH.

Margaret LYNCH died. Margaret married Jeremiah (Jer) O'CARROLL.

They had the following children.

  F i Winifred (Winnie) O'CARROLL was born on 29 Oct 1907. She died on 10 Aug 2001.
  F ii Margaret O'CARROLL died in 2001.

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