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First Generation

1. Edmond CAREW was born about 18 Feb 1820 in Soloheadbeg area, Co. Tipperary.

It is possible that Edmond above was my great-great-grandfather, but we do not have proof. For details on my great-great-grandfather and his descendants, click on Carey/Carew on the Home Page of this website.

The baptismal sponsor of Edmond above was Catherine Flinn (no other sponsor listed).

Thomas Suttles, a great-great-grandson of Edmond Carew and Mary Gavin, has kindly sent me a transcription of an interesting letter written in 1878 by John, one of the children of Edmond and Mary, to his sister, Nancy. John was living in Newfoundland and Nancy was living in the United States. In the letter, John mentions the death of his mother, Mary, in Newfoundland in 1863; reference is also made to a sister, Johanna, also in Newfoundland, a brother, Michael (whereabouts unknown), and the widow of another brother, Thomas, who was living on Prince Edward Island. John also mentions a relative who "was some time ago in Ireland and went to see brother Edward", indicating perhaps that Edmond (the name Edmond is interchangeable with Edward) was the only sibling not to have emigrated.


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