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First Generation

1. John GORDON was born about 1790.

I have not been able to link John to our Gordon family but I have no doubt that he is connected in some way because John's children were born in the parish of Tibohine (nowadays called Fairymount), from where our Gordon family came. Furthermore, some of John's descendants were given the name Cormac, which is a traditional name in our own Gordon family. I have extensively researched the name 'Cormac Gordon' and every Cormac Gordon I have ever come across so far has had origins in Tibohine/Fairymmount, and I believe they are all related.

It is possible, in my opinion, that John was a son of our John Gordon who supposedly came from Scotland and settled in Tibohine in the late 18th century. Any assistance in linking John above to our Gordon family would be most welcome. If you can help in any way please email

John married Brigid FINN. Brigid died.

I have also been told that Bridget's surname was Finan. The names Finn and Finan are probably interchangeable.

They had the following children.

  2 M i
John GORDON was born about 10 Apr 1817 in Tibohine (Fairymount), Co. Roscommon. He was christened on 12 Apr 1817.
+ 3 M ii Laurence Dominic (Dominic) GORDON was born about 27 Jul 1819. He died on 5 Sep 1897.
  4 F iii
Ann GORDON was born about 27 Dec 1820 in Tibohine (Fairymount), Co. Roscommon. She was christened on 29 Dec 1820.
+ 5 M iv James GORDON was born about 24 Aug 1822.
  6 F v
Honoria GORDON was born about 13 May 1825 in Tibohine (Fairymount), Co. Roscommon. She was christened on 15 May 1825.
  7 F vi
Bridget GORDON was born about 29 May 1826 in Tibohine (Fairymount), Co. Roscommon. She was christened on 1 Jun 1826.

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