Doody Photos

Dick and Beatrice Doody


This photo, taken about 1929, shows Dick Doody, his sister Beatrice Braunsdorf (front right) and his wife, Bridie Kiely (front left) along with Beatrice's elder daughters, Lillian (back left) and Emily.

Beatrice and Dick were two of the four children born in Ardnamoher, Galbally, Co. Limerick to James Doody and Margaret Cull. Their siblings were Mick and Hannah (Frewen). Beatrice, Dick and Hannah all emigrated to the United States, settling in New York City, while Mick remained in Galbally and ran the family farm.

Beatrice was born about 1895. Her given name was Bridget but she went by the name of Beatrice following her move to the States where she married William Braunsdorf. Beatrice and William had four children: Emily, Lillian, William and Peggy.

Dick was born in 1900. He and Bridie had five children: James, Richard, Gerard, Michael and Margaret.

Beatrice and Dick were niece and nephew of Julia Sullivan pictured in the previous photo.   

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