Although we have little information on our Hanley family, we do know they came from the parish of Soloheadbeg in Co. Tipperary. My 3rd great-grandmother Mary Hanley (c.1826-1899), who married Edmond Carew, was probably a daughter of either Timothy Hanley who married Mary McCormack or Michael Hanley who married Ellen Lonergan. For further information, please click on descendant list or narrative report.


We have no photos of the Hanley family, but if you have any photo(s) of descendants of Mary and Edmond that you would like to share, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please email any pictures to HelensFamilyTrees@gmail.com. Many thanks in advance.

A report listing all the descendants of the earliest recorded family member.

A full narrative report for this family.


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